Reaching City
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Minsk is connected by international airlines with many cities: Frankfurt-Main, Vienna, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, London, Prague and many others.

Minsk is the largest transportation hub in Belarus. Minsk is located at the junction of the Warsaw-Moscow railway running from the southwest to the northeast of the city and the Liepaja-Romny railway running from the northwest to the south. All trains (or direct carriages) to Moscow starting from Berlin, Bern, Geneva, Warsaw, Vienna, Cologne, Paris, Prague, Copenhagen, Frankfurt-Main, Brussels, Oslo pass through Minsk. One can also reach Minsk by train or by plane via Moscow or St.-Petersburg. If this way of transportation is chosen, it is strongly recommended to book the tickets from Moscow and St.-Petersburg to Minsk at your travel agencies, since such reservations in Moscow or St.-Petersburg may be difficult.

There are three intercity bus stations that link Minsk with the suburbs and other cities in Belarus and the neighboring countries. Frequent schedules of bus routes connect Minsk to Moscow, Smolensk, Vilnus, Riga, Kiev and Warsaw.

Conference participants will be met in Minsk. Please, inform in advance the Organizing Committee about the date of the arrival.