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Fundamental and experimental research of the basic processes connected with physical phenomena in heat pipes, thermosyphons, heat pumps, refrigerators, solid and liquid sorption heat machines (heat and mass transfer in capillary systems and porous media with or without chemical transformations, two-phase flows, interface phenomena, processes of sorption, boiling, evaporation and condensation).

Modelling of heat pipes (traditional, variable conductance, cryogenic, miniature/micro, CPL, LHP, pulsating, revolving and rotating) and solid sorption devices start-up, steady-state and transient performances.

Mini- and micro-scale heat transfer at phase changes – fundamentals, experiments, applications:

  electronic, optoelectronics, MEMS cooling;

  refrigeration systems;

  phase changes in micro channels and mini-channels;

  single-phase flow and two-phase flow;

  heat transfer in nanoporous structures; nanofluids; nanotechnologies;

  heat transfer in fuel cells.

Scientific, space, industrial and domestic applications of heat pipes, heat pumps, refrigerators and power sources.

Materials problem in heat pipes, heat pumps, refrigerators and power sources.

State-of-the-art surveys of heat pipe and sorption machines (in different countries and different fields).